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Group Photo: CONCACAF D. License and Goalkeeping Certificates Recipients (standing) with GFF Officials (seated)


13th January, 2017; Georgetown: Twenty-seven coaches who have successfully completed the CONCACAF Goalkeeping and D. License Coaches programme held in October and November, 2016  respectively received their certificates on Saturday, 7th January, 2017.

This presentation was made in the GFF’s Boardroom President of the Guyana Football Federation Inc. (GFF), Wayne Forde and Technical Director, Ian Greenwood.

In brief comments to the attendees at the simple ceremony, Greenwood congratulated the candidates and informed them that the Federation will explore more technical courses in 2017 to build capacity of the coaches in Guyana, both nationally and at the Association level: “We’re looking to have a lot more courses throughout the year (which will be) CONCACAF based, FIFA-based (and) from the GFF…we’re looking at developing the coach education structure at the GFF (and) linking it (to) the Coach’s Association as well. So throughout the year, there will be a structured calendar where there will be seminars, courses and development plans for you as individual coaches.”

Additionally, a coaches’ data base will also be developed and employment opportunities will be made available. “We’re looking to employ TDOs (Technical Development Officers) in the local Associations; we’re looking to employ youth coaches as well in the Association,” Greenwood said. He also mentioned the possibility of national coaches being involved in international study visits.

Meanwhile, President Forde noted that the Executive Committee will place much emphasis on coaches’ education and infrastructure development in the New Year. This will see an annual investment of approximately US$750,000 in infrastructural development. However, he underscored the need for self-development of the coaches to complement the formal training being provided: “Apart from the training that Mr. Greenwood and the GFF will expose you to, you need to take some responsibility to develop yourself; you need to read, you need to research and (use) every opportunity you have to exercise your craft. If there is a school within your district, if there (are) a few kids within your neighbourhood that you can bring into the sport, if there is a club that you should be aligning yourself with, by all means take the initiative …”

I think once you have demonstrated consistently that you are making an effort to improve on yourself, we will meet you…75 percent or 80 percent of the way because we have an obligation, as a Federation, to invest in you…”, Forde stated.

In closing, the President congratulated the coaches, especially the lone female coach, and recommitted the Executive Committee’s plan to develop coaches in the country.

In providing an overview, chairperson of the session and GFF’s Technical Development Officer, Lyndon France, outlined the number of technical courses conducted in the year including the following:

  • October 4 – 6: Goalkeeping Course
  • November 1 – 4: D. Licence Course
  • December 1 – 3: E. License Course

The CONCACAF D. License course saw the participation of 19 coaches, the Goalkeeping course had 25 coaches, and the E. License Course had 24 teachers.

Please see below a complete list of persons who would have successfully completed the D. Licence and Goalkeeper Course respectively


DATE: Saturday, 7th January, 2017

VENUE: Boardroom, Guyana Football Federation Inc. (GFF)

  1. Bryan Joseph
  2. Devnon Winter
  3. Levi Braithwaite
  4. Sampson Gilbert
  5. Trevor Burnett
  6. Akila Castello
  7. Vurlon Mills


  1. Quincy Madramootoo
  2. Seon Prince
  3. Jersild Wright
  4. Eon De Viera
  5. Dirk Henry
  6. Denzil Thompson
  7. Oneal Heywood
  8. Royston Nascimento
  9. Jamal Caster
  10. Quasim Yusuf
  11. Dwain Babb
  12. Dirk Henry
  13. Kenneth Edwards
  14. Kassie Da Silva
  15. Orlando Hendricks
  16. Kevin Tixey
  17. Andrew Hazel
  18. Rawle Gittens
  19. Keron Monroe
  20. Curtis Joseph

For more information, please contact:

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Communications and Public Relations Officer

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