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25th January, 2017; Georgetown: The Guyana Football Federation Inc. (GFF) has, to date, facilitated the transfer of eleven (11) players even as the mid-season transfer window period closes on January 31, 2017.

Eight (8) Elite clubs are among those in the transfer list to date including three (3) players from Alpha United FC and one from Slingerz FC respectively.

Among the clubs which would have benefitted from transfers are the Guyana Defence Force FC (4), Northern Rangers FC (2), Victoria Kings FC (4) and Buxton United FC (1).

Competitions Director of the GFF, Ian Alves, said a Domestic Transfer, in order to be procedurally correct, must involve the Former Club, the player, the former Regional Member Association (RMA), the new club and the new RMA. The transfer will be considered complete until all of the named entities are informed and involved and provided that none has legitimate concerns with the attempted transfer.

The process for the Domestic Transfer is as follows:

  1. The new club confirms the player has an interest in the transfer and, if so, the new club makes contact with the former club to negotiate the transfer agreement
  2. If  it’s agreed upon, the new club collects the transfer document  from the relevant RMA
  3. Each entity involved fills and signs their part namely on the form; player, former club, new club
  4. The form is then submitted to the relevant RMA which confirms the authenticity of the involvement of each party
  5. Everything being in order, the RMA approves the transfer and gives a copy to the new club
  6. If the player is being transferred across RMA, the new club takes their copy of the form to their new RMA so that the player can be registered within that RMA and cleared for participation as a player of that club

It is important to note that the GFF is the RMA for Elite Clubs.

To date, there has not been any international transfers.


For more information, please contact:

Debra Francis (Ms.)

Communications and Public Relations Officer

Tel: 592 227 8758 ext. 105

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