1. Must submit an application within three (3) working days of the proposed tournament or match for the approval of the General Secretary of the Guyana Football Federation. This application must include the tournament regulations and fixtures.
  2. The General Secretary will notify the Tournament Organiser, Referees Committee and Referees Department of the Federation’s decision.
  3. The Referees Department shall notify the Tournament Organiser of the fees to be paid and the payment plan.
  4. All fees must be paid to the Finance Department of the Guyana Football Federation.
  5. The Referees Committee is the sole authority responsible for appointing Referees and will appoint Referees to your tournament or match.
  6. Matches must be organized in accordance with the Laws of the Game and disciplinary matters would be dealt with in compliance with the GFF and FIFA Disciplinary Codes.
  7. The Tournament Organiser is responsible for safety and order in and around the venue before, during and after matches.
  8. Security must be assigned to the match officials. The Referees is empowered to suspend or terminate a match if safety and order is not maintained.
  9. Adequate change facilities for Match officials must be provided.

We trust that this document will make it easier for you to secure the appointment of referees for your match or tournament. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

Stanley Lancaster
Head of Referees Department