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One on one with Lady Jags Captain – Ashley Rodrigues

Ashley Rodrigues

Ashley Rodrigues

GFF: How do you feel about playing in your second CONCACAF Championships?

Capt: It’s a very exciting and proud feeling to be playing in our second CONCACAF Championship. I’m so proud of our team and what we have accomplished thus far, and I’m excited to get to Texas to continue to put our hard work into play.

GFF: Do you feel the team is ready for the challenge?

Capt: I feel that our team is very ready for the challenge. There’s an excitement among our squad, and a true sense of determination and will to give this our all.

GFF: How have the players responded to training and team preparations?

Capt: We’ve responded well to team training and preparations. We know that the time we have to train together leading up to competition is crucial and everyone puts a large emphasis on using the time as efficiently as possible. In addition, we talk a lot about lifestyle, and committing ourselves to the right changes, i.e. nutrition, conditioning, mental preparedness, especially when we are unable to be together in training camp. Everyone has taken on the responsibility to be prepared in the best way for Texas, and that makes us stronger and tougher.

GFF: Do you feel the team will do better this time around as compared to 2010?

Capt: Absolutely. We’ve always been an underdog in these competitions, and that hasn’t changed. The great part is, we like it that way. We know we’ve earned the right to be where we are, nothing has ever been handed to us, or been easy for us. It’s because of these things, that 6 years later, we’re determined to earn better outcomes this time around. We’ve come a long way since 2010, and we’re ready to show just how much we belong.

GFF: What advice would you give to young aspiring Guyanese female football players and females in general in our country?

Capt: Grab a ball and play football. If you can dribble, pass, kick a football everyday- you are doing something positive for yourself and for female football in Guyana. You can improve and impact this game with hard work and determination. You can be a part of setting higher standards in Guyana for female football, you can create history.

GFF: What would you like to say to Guyanese fans?

Capt: Thank you to the fans who have supported us, and continue to support us. We don’t play for the personal recognition; we play for you, for Guyana.

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