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Lendey Adolph during one of the national women’s u17 training sessions



 “I started playing football with bottles as I didn’t really have a ball. On the national camp, everyone has a ball but at my club, we had about seven persons to one ball.” This is the experience of National U17 Women’s Defender, Lendey Adolph who began playing football approximately two years ago.

The Kwakwani Strikers FC player, who was initially both surprised and excited at her call-up for national duties, fell in love with the beautiful game of football    during a visit to Lethem, Region 9. However, it was her brother, David Adolph who thought it was a great form of physical exercise, introduced her to the game and taught her the fundamentals.

Following this initial introduction, she was among the first three persons to join the first female club in her community and, in turn, invited other girls to become members. She is happy about this decision and the progress made by the club, which is coached by Hubert Williams, and fielded five (5) players in the last national camp (July 2017).

The young footballer who almost once walked away from the game due to indiscipline shown by some persons on the field said “if you don’t respect the game, you shouldn’t play the game. Football requires discipline.”

The friendly Adolph takes her role as a defender and ambassador very seriously and said being a defender is similar to defending your county: “As a defender, most likely I’ll be the leader. When I’m the field, all I think about is being an ambassador for Guyana living the true ‘One Team, One Dream’ and being a winner for Guyana.”

This is Adolph’s second national camp participation and said same has not only helped in the development of the technical aspects of her game but aided her holistic development. “It contributes to my personal development. I got a chance to meet new friends and we get to live the motto of ‘One Team, One Dream’. We work together, we do stuff together such as having lunch. Even if five persons have completed their lunch before the others, we all sit and wait on each other, working towards the ‘One Team, One Dream.”

Her advice to young people? Get involved in the sport of football: “You might not initially understand the game but it helps reduce your stress level, it’s an exercise to the body. It helps your tourism as you get the chance to see various parts of the world or even places in Guyana you’ve never visited and I’m hoping to travel to those places through football.”

Guyana national U17 women’s team wrapped up encampment on Saturday, July 21 in preparation for their participation in the CONCACAF Caribbean Women’s U17 Qualifiers. This is scheduled for the 9th – 13th August at the National Track and Field Facility, Leonora. Guyana will host Group D consisting Barbados and Cuba

GAME TIME: 17:00hrs

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