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GFF/CONCACAF Women’s football day was a success

THE Guyana Football Federation’s (GFF)-organised CONCACAF Women’s Football Day was a great success.

With several women’s teams from around the country participating in the CONCACAF Women’s Football Day initiative yesterday at the Tucville Playfield, several football enthusiasts and male players deemed the day’s activity a plus for the sport.
Some persons have expressed a desire to see more women play football locally and the resuscitation of clubs that once boasted football teams such as Santos, Pele and Thomas United to name a few.
Some feel that with sports falling under the Ministry of Education, it would be a very good idea to have female football incorporated into the school system, but this would mean that each school would have to employ a physical education teacher who has a football background or has knowledge of the sport.
This some say would be a tall challenge, but if corporate comes on board, it should not pose a problem.
Yesterday’s activity saw female teams from across the country, minus Bartica, don their respective uniforms and take to the field for the 3-on-3 Tournament as a female awareness event, in order to kick off a return to women’s football for Guyana.
The event was open to girls from age nine upwards and saw a packed day of football.
The Women’s 3-on-3 Tournament headlined the physical activities with an Under-14 3-on-3 Tournament and Grassroots Girls Games.
Chairman of the GFF Normalisation Committee, Clinton Urling, said, “This initiative from CONCACAF is commendable and the Guyana Football Federation fully supports the development of women’s football from the Grassroots to the Senior Level.
Our vision is to see the Women’s Game become a marketable product with Guyana having the best women’s programme in the CFU Region and then eventually the broader CONCACAF and FIFA Levels.”
Designed to empower all CONCACAF member associations to join forces for an annual day of celebration of women’s football, the initiative is the first of its kind for the confederation and focuses on accomplishing three set goals.
It is to “generate awareness about the transformative power of women’s football, promote and encourage continued investment in women’s football and unite every member association in creating a memorable day of women’s football”.


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