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wayne-fordePRESS RELEASE


 29th October, 2016; Georgetown: President of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF), Wayne Forde, has been nominated to be a member of the CONCACAF Governance Committee and will participate in the preliminary committee meeting scheduled for Friday, November 18, 2016 in Miami, Florida.

In an invited comment, Forde said: “I’m very humbled that CONCACAF would have nominated me for this prestigious position. No doubt the Governance Committee and Council is one of the most important administrative arm of the Confederation. I see this as a unique opportunity for Guyana to have a voice and to advance some of the unique principles we stand for as a nation (and) Executive Committee. I’m hoping to serve as I have done over the past couple of years to the sport at a different level and to bring that level of prominence to Guyana which we most definitely need at this point in time.”

The financial operations of Member Associations is one of the areas which interests Forde in his new role. “The fact that we are moving from an annual subvention of US$250,000.00 to almost US$1.5M means that the financial infrastructure of the Associations will be challenged and if the Confederation does not take deliberate steps to guide and support its members, it’s very likely that we will see some of the residue of the past repeating themselves. So, I will try to table regulations and policies that would bring greater level of accountability, transparency and capacity in the operations and management of the financial infrastructure of our members.”

In response to what the benefits of this post are to Guyana, Forde said capacity building is one of the priorities. “The Governance Board will seek to identify specific needs of Member Associations. I will no doubt be piloting a lot of these initiatives and I’m hoping that we can (develop) a complete suite of capacity building initiatives that the Guyana Football fraternity and football in general can benefit from over the next four years. No doubt Guyana is on a forward and upward march but it’s still a process that requires careful attention and delicate management and handling to realize its true potential as a football nation.”

CONCACAF is committed to finding the best strategies towards further expanding the development of football in our region guided by precepts of integrity and transparency.

For more information, please contact:

Debra Francis (Ms.)

Communications and Public Relations Officer

Tel: 592 227 8758 ext. 105 (o)

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