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GFF disappointed at the glorification of the Jaguar killing

The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) is deeply saddened to learn about the recent (inhumane and) glorified killing of a jaguar in New Amsterdam Berbice.

The jaguar, apart from being a protected and endangered species, is the symbol of our national football teams (the Golden Jaguars and Lady Jags) and an immense source of pride for all Guyanese. Jag

We understand that the animal may have proved to be a threat to the community, but we are certain that a more civil and humane approach could have been used.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) could have been contacted, with the possibility of a live capture being accomplished.


Apart from the actual killing of the animal, it was equally, if not more so disappointing to see the manner in which it was glorified on social media.

This does not paint a positive image of Guyana in the eyes of the many tourists that frequent our country, drawn by the lure of our beautiful wildlife, such as this very jaguar.

The GFF wishes to urge citizens to contact the EPA should situations like this occur in the future.


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