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FILE PHOTO: GDF FC vs Pouderoyen FC


– GDF Ground Is The Venue For Wednesday’s Matches


19th December, Georgetown: Two exciting matches are set for Wednesday as the GFF-Corona Super 16 Yearend Classic continues at the GDF Ground, Camp Ayanganna at 18:00hrs and 20:30hrs respectively.

The matches, which feature Western Tigers FC vs Grove Hi-Tech FC in the first match and Fruta Conqueors FC vs Ann’s Grove FC as a feature encounter promise to be quite a treat with fighting words being exchanged by the coaches of the respective clubs.

In an invited comment, Head of Western Tigers FC, Calvin Allen, said he’s looking forward to an exciting and competitive game and is not taking his opponent for granted. “I know it is a capable team with good caliber players and they’re coached by two capable guys also. I also know they are a team that has good, young talent and a mixture of experience so it’s not a team that you can take for granted. In fact, I’ve always said you have to give a team the respect that is due. Grove is a team that has special talents and they can throw up special results at any given time. So, we are definitely taking it very seriously; we will go into the game looking for a win and we’re not looking past our opponent because we know they are competent.”

The coach, who once worked with Grove Hi Tech FC, said while he will not publicly share his tactical approach to the game, there is a definite plan but “the public should come to the ground and see the plan we have mapped out for Grove because it’s a team that we have organized and planned for.”

Meanwhile, Head Coach of Grove Hi-Tech FC, Levi Braithwaite, said the fans can expect an exciting match tomorrow as his club “is not just in the tournament to participate but we are in it to win it.” He said the club has had an intense focus on fitness: “Since we have uplifted the fixtures, we have been working hard. Basically, we have been focusing on fitness as we know that Western Tigers is an elite club and is really fit so we need to get up to standard with our fitness. For the past week we have been going hard with our fitness and the guys are eager and ready to go.” While urging the fans to come out and offer their support, he added, “may the best team win and I hope that my team is the best team on that night.”

For the second match, Fruta Conquerors FC is going for a win and is looking to be tactically sound against Ann’s Grove United FC. Head Coach, Sampson Gilbert, said his team is looking forward to the club playing the best football: “We’re looking forward to play with a level of intensity that would indicate our intention of overwhelming the opposition and imposing ourselves. We view this knockout tournament as an extension of the elite league where we’ve added these projected four games as part of the league and we’re looking forward to a must-win 12 points. We’re definitely looking forward to win this tournament and, in so doing, play some of the best football at this time in our team’s continued development.”

Gilbert said he will depend on his “tried, tested and proven players” to give excellent performances while also allowing the younger players a space to develop: “We will definitely be looking forward to execute competence in all aspects of the game – passing, possession, the intensity to overwhelm the opposition when we lose possession and, most importantly, finishing.  Scoring goals will be a big part of our accomplishment.”

For their part, Ann’s Grove United FC said the public can expect a competitive game tomorrow from the team. Head Coach, Llyodwin Semple, said his team has learned some crucial lessons from their first encounter with Fruta Conquerors: “We played Conquerors before, a few weeks ago, in our second game of the elite league. There were basic mistakes made by players, which costed us the game. However, we have corrected those areas in our training sessions. We’ll come out with our game plan and will try to get the best of Conquerors. At the end of it we’ll see who will come out victorious.”

The matches will mark the fifth and sixth matches of the knockout tournament, which will see the first-placed team walking away with two million dollars, the second-placed team with one million dollars, third-place prize with five hundred thousand dollars and the fourth-placed team taking away two hundred and fifty thousand dollars together with football equipment including balls and cones.


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