The official indoor game of FIFA, FUTSAL is another path on to the international scene.  The Futsal theme will underscore many of the game activities that we will use within our development program.  Futsal is a great teacher of discipline and patience.  It accentuates both speed of thought and speed of play.  “Less players, in less space, increases the amount of touches on the ball for each player.”  It is that simple.  The development attributes of this small-sided game are enormous.  However, its inclusion into our program also beckons intense international competition.  FIFA has embraced the game fully and integrated it into the footballing calendar.  We now need to carve a path for Guyana to fit in.

Guyana has had some experiences in the international game and with limited resources and preparation have faired well on occasion.  We most definitely can compete at the highest levels of the game regionally.  Our culture as a developing nation has allowed for our players to become intimate with the attributes of the game at a young age while playing street forms of football – in very little space.  Further, our best international players of the conventional 11v11 game will also be able to represent us at the international level of Futsal.  Unfortunately, at present, we do not have a large number of players that are on contract playing abroad.  However, this “may” allow us some opportunity to easily call together a Futsal player pool to train for extended periods of time.

The most pressing challenge at the moment is the lack of any facility that the GFF can frequent regularly.  Without digressing into the everyday struggles to utilize what is in Guyana, let us just highlight that the present culture does not fully understand that this form of football does not place any added stress on an indoor facility than does other traditional indoor sports.

Regardless, the GFF will commit to competing in the 2016 CONCACAF Futsal Qualifiers.  The intent is to add an assessment and a mini camp to the end of our 2015 Calendar after we confirm the structure and schedule of our new Elite League.

We will move to create a footballing schedule that will integrate the game over the course of the next 4 years.  We will here, too, strive for perfection.  Any success on the international Futsal stage will add to the positive psychological reinforcements so necessary in creating an environment conducive to success.


This form of the game proves that Guyana is fully immersed in the beautiful game.  There is an undercurrent that swirls deep within our communities that strives on the love of football.  Throughout some of the recent trials and tribulations of our football, Beach football has been “developed” independently at the community level.  The Beach Soccer venue established in Linden is a true testament to commitment and perseverance.

The decision has been made to forego the World Championship qualifiers for 2015, with an aim to pursue the creation of a sort of Guyana Beach Soccer Tour.  The formation and strengthening of our Beach Soccer Committee is an attempt to have a group spearhead a small number of events throughout 2015 to invigorate the interest in the game among the footballing public and corporate Guyana.  We will most definitely explore forming a National Team in 2016 for competition and eventually for the next round of Qualifiers.