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FIFA TDO Anton Corneal calls on incoming ‘Exco’ to understand “the importance of proper governance”

With 10 days to go before ‘D-Day’, FIFA’s Technical Development Officer Anton Corneal believes that the incoming Executive Committee of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF), apart from having a holistic plan for the development of the game, must understand “the importance of proper governance”

On November 14, eligible members of the GFF will head to the ballots to vote in one of the two slates presented to contest the elections.

Touted as ‘Team United’, Chairman of the Alliance for Change (AFC) and Attorney-At-Law Nigel Hughes will lead Odinga Lumumba, Mark Waldron, Aubrey Major, Troy Cadogan, Javid Ali, Robbie Rambarran, Carmel Williams and Faizal Khan to the polls.

President of the Fruta Conquerors Football Club and Businessman Wayne Forde will lead ‘Team Integrity’ which also has on its list of candidates Jullian Bruce Lovell, Rawlston Adams, Thandi McAllister, Dion Inniss, Magzene Stewart, Rayan Farias, and Keith Ojeer.

Corneal, who’s responsible for overseeing development in FIFA’s affiliates within the South East Caribbean area sat down with and spoke on a number of issues relating to the development of the game.

“Whichever slates gets into power, they have to understand the importance of proper governance because that is what is going to support the product, which is the game and the players and its long overdue for Guyana because Guyana has always produced decent teams, even in not so best times” Corneal said.

He added “I think with a proper structure and long term plan, you will get a better product, so hopefully whoever takes over, they will continue what the Normalisation Committee did because they’ve done a phenomenal job because remember that they were just in place for a little over a year and all that was accomplished within that year and now it’s time to pass on the baton”

Corneal was high in praise for the GFF’s Normalisation Committee, whom he said laid a solid foundation for Guyana to blossom and used the STAG Elite League as one such pillar which can be used to build a solid on for the incoming ‘Exco’.

“It’s the right pathway because the Normalisation Committee came in and did the job; Mr. (Clinton) Urling has guided that group and set a stage for a slate to come on board to really take over football and they got a template now to follow” Corneal pointed out.

Having played an integral role in helping the GFF to establish the STAG Elite League, Corneal believes that Guyana is now on par with several of their regional counterparts whom he said have all ensured that they establish national product that will help to bring more local players to the fore.

The GFF’s Technical Director Claude Bolton, according to Corneal, would’ve implemented several programmes which will charter a pathway to development via ‘grass-roots’ football, catering for both male and female.

Corneal said that already, thanks to Bolton’s ‘Next Generation Project’, Guyana is leading some Caribbean countries with the implementation of several key areas of development and ensuring that more importantly, the coaches are certified under the GFF D-License.

“Guyana has to ensure that they stay on par with them (the other Caribbean Countries) and also lead in a few areas as well, so it’s important for proper governance to take precedence” Corneal noted.


Team Unity

Presidential Candidate: Mr. Nigel Hughes
1st Vice President: Mr. Odinga Lumumba
2nd Vice President: Mr. Mark Waldron
3rd Vice President: Mr. Aubrey Major
Ordinary Member: Mr. Troy Cadogan
Ordinary Member: Mr. Javid Ali
Ordinary Member: Mr. Robbie Rambarran
Ordinary Member: Ms. Carmel Williams
Ordinary Member: Mr. Faizal Khan
Team Integrity

Presidential Candidate: Mr. Wayne Forde
1st Vice President: Mr. Jullian B. Lovell
2nd Vice President: Mr. Rawlston Adams
3rd Vice President: Ms. Thandi R. McAllister
Ordinary Member: Mr. Dion Inniss
Ordinary Member: Ms. Magzene Stewart
Ordinary Member: Mr. Rayan Farias
Ordinary Member: Mr. Keith Ojeer
Ordinary Member:*Vacant position due to withdrawal by Candidate*






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