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Defending National Champions down Lady Jags 5 – 0 … Mission accomplished says Coach Rodrigues

The Lady Jags after their scrimmage against Defending Digicel School’s Football National Champions, Christianburg Wismar Secondary

National Champions and three times Digicel School football title holders Christianburg Wismar Secondary (Multi) defeated Guyana’s senior National female football team 5 – 0 when the two sides met today at the Leonora Track & Field and Football Facility.

It was the team’s second lost in as many scrimmages, having lost to a Georgetown (Boys) select side 4 – 2 two days prior and according to Rodrigues the results of the two games were to see that his women were implementing what was being taught during their week-long encampment.

“Today’s game was specific; we’re playing the boys team, the National Champions and they are tall, fast and the game plan was to keep the ball on the ground and let’s penetrate that way”

At half time, the Digicel Champions were up 2 – 0 and while more goals were scored against the Lady Jags in the second stanza, the 2016 Olympic hopefuls did create a few chances of their own.

“We got in their multiple time and it was only the boys’ speed and athleticism that prevented the ball from going into the net” Rodrigues pointed out, and added “but overall, to culminate the camp, the last game of the camp, the game was brilliant in terms of the speed of play and connecting it and applying the field – I’m very, happy”.

What’s next for the Lady Jags? The squad’s head coach was asked as he highlighted that the team will be heading to the Dominican Republic on August 19 for their game against St Kitts  Nevis on August 21 and Cuba two days later and he highlighted “it would be fantastic if we could have a game on a weekend sometime between now and then against a female national team to show that the reason we specifically chose these teams was just to get us to adapt to a fast pace team so now we can show that against a true women’s national team”

Meanwhile, Wismar Christianburg Secondary Head Coach Anthony Stephens said that the game was also used by him to prepare for Sunday’s quarter-final game against Annandale Secondary in Linden.

The school is chasing their fourth National title in five years, having finished second place at the inaugural tournament.









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