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Buxton United, GFC, Rupununi and Guyana Football Coaches Association held Elections

Press Release


With the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Congress drawing near, the 22 member affiliates are also pushing to have their constitution reform and hold elections.

Please see below, the results for elections held at the Georgetown Football Club (GFC), Buxton United and Guyana Football Coaches Association (GFCA).

Georgetown Football Club-28th October,2015-GFC Club House

Ivor O’Brien-President

Ivor English- Senior Vice President

Peter Baker- Junior Vice President

Roger Perreira-Honorary Treasurer

Faizal Khan-Honorary Secretary

Alicia DeAbreu-Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

Shad Fernandes- Football Captain

Gladstone Serrao- Indoor Games Captain

Charles Greaves- Committee Member

James Bovell-Committee Member

Guyana Football Coaches Association- 29th October,2015- GFF Secretariat

Wayne Dover-President

Kester Garnett-Vice President

Sampson Gilbert- Secretary

Mariska Williams-Treasurer

Challus Mc Kinnon-Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

Eyon Wills- Committee Member

Dillion Roberts-Committee Member

Lennox Adams-Committee Member

Mark Charles-Committee Member


Buxton United – 31st October,2015- Friendship Primary School E.C. D

Curbette Victorine – President

George Gibson

Aminika Armstrong

Eton Moses – Secretary

Kevin Crandon- Treasurer

Shawn Adams  – Asst Sec/Tre

For this week, we are expected to have the following elections:

Monday-2nd Nov,2015-Pele FC- 5:00p.m.- Water Chris Hotel

Tuesday-3rd Nov,2015- National Association for Women’s Football-4:30p.m-Chairman’s Office

Tuesday-3rd Nov,2015- East Demerara Football Association-6:00p.m.- Company Road Sparendaam Public Road, ECD

Saturday-7th Nov,2015- Slingerz FC-1:00p.m.- Slingerz Football Club House, Area “M” Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo

Once all of the elections take place as scheduled this week, this would complete the 22 Member Associations of the Guyana Football Federation meaning all 22 Members would be considered as eligible to attend and participate in the Congress of 14thNov,2015.



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